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King Slivan

2 Russians telling stories.  Misha Montana is an Award-nominated Adult Alt Actress with a viral Alien tattoo while Ivan Dragon is a Russian born Multi-Award winning Hall of Fame Adult and Horror Director

Jan 31, 2021

Misha Montana is an Alt Model who is new to the Adult Industry. She is heavily drenched in all sorts of nerdy tattoos including Dragon tattoos, Gremlin tattoos and even a Britney Spears tattoo! We share how we met and how our love for Twilight Zone and all things nerdy gave us a connection we never expected from an email regarding work. Misha and I discuss how we made super nerdy 1st dates for each other in Virginia City, NV and then in Los Angeles. We even discuss here Extreme Alien Facehugger Tattoo in the most private of areas! This is part one of a few episodes where you get to see how our connection has created something really unique and special