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King Slivan

2 Russians telling stories.  Misha Montana is an Award-nominated Adult Alt Actress with a viral Alien tattoo while Ivan Dragon is a Russian born Multi-Award winning Hall of Fame Adult and Horror Director

Dec 21, 2022

Ivan sits down with Samantha Saint over cookies and milk to share some wonderufl stories from their almost 12 year friendship. They discuss her going viral for being the "Naked Tebowin Girl", Wicked Pictures contract star, their adventures around America and pulling back the curtain on the industry and magazine covers.

Dec 7, 2022

Here is Ivan's review of XPW's latest live event "Xtreme Invasion" in New Jersey.  He also shares his history with XPW from their first go around and some interesting todbits about him attending "Hostile Takeover" in Phildelphia over 20 years ago.  Stories are shared from the ringside and backstage photographger.