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2 Russians 1 Podcast

2 Russians telling stories.  Misha Montana is an Award-nominated Adult Alt Actress with a viral Alien tattoo while Ivan Dragon is a Russian born Multi-Award winning Hall of Fame Adult and Horror Director

Mar 28, 2023

This is Slava's review from the photographer's point of video from Xtreme Pro Wrestlng's "Here Comes Revenge" The show had an intense Scaffold Main Event that saw Shlack get stabbed all over his body, The Body get syringed in his genitals and VIRAL MOMENTS GALORE!

Mar 22, 2023

Fetish and Alt Model Ashenn Fire comes out to Los Angeles to shoot with Ivan. Why? Legendary status has it's perks. Asheen and Ivan discuss her background handy work in in strip clubs and the variety of shoots from the week including a surreal horse cosplay to Ivan's new Black & White series claXXXic and her...

Mar 13, 2023

Kennedy Rose is a heavily tattooed, split tongued Alt model making her first trip to Los Angeles for shoots with Ivan and Alt Erotic. Her adventures took her to Hollywood Blvd for bikinis and street tacos, driving a Ferrari to the Hollywood sign, starring in a Rap music video and playing a VEGpire in Ho Hunters #2.

Feb 28, 2023

Lighting 101 with Ivan as he discusses the scenario and feel of the shoot with Alt Model Robin Coffins.  The Grindhouse / Red Light district feel for this Ink Motel #4 shoot is broken down from shot to shot to the lighting created.

Feb 21, 2023

This is an early morning podcast as Darcy Diamond and Ivan/Slava drive to LAX after 2 hours of sleep in 48 hours.  They share stories from Darcy's first trip to Los Angeles as she got her second eye ball tattooed black! Her new character for Ivan's "Ho Hunters #2" as she plays HOsferatu and the grand finale as...